Hydro Boat Lifts & Elevator Boat Lifts in Knoxville, Tennessee

Hydraulics are used around the world to lift heavy equipment like trailers and shipping containers, and the same technology makes a great boat lift. Many homes and businesses in the Knoxville area use hydro boat lifts, also known as elevator boat lifts, for a reliable, powerful, easy-to-use solution.

A custom hydro boat lift from Knoxville Barge can help you spend more time on the water and less time on repair and maintenance. We build custom docks and boat lifts along the Tennessee River and lakefront properties of Lenoir City, Fort Loudon Lake, and other beautiful waterfront communities of Knoxville.

If you are replacing a boat lift or adding one to your slip, we can offer a free on-site consultation to discuss your options!

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Advantages of Hydro Boat Lifts

Hydraulic boat lifts work like an elevator powered by pistons. Liquid pressure remains constant in the pistons, and the mechanism uses that pressure to exert force smoothly and reliably to lift your boat or PWC. There are fewer parts to maintain or worry about than other elevator boat lifts, and a hydro boat lift can come in various shapes, sizes, and weight ratings.

Knoxville boat owners love hydraulic lifts for many reasons:

  • Easy to use with remote control option
  • Appropriate for shallow or deep water
  • Fast and smooth boat lifting
  • Lower maintenance than many other types of boat lifts
  • No spooled cables that wear out quickly

Hydro Boat Lifts in Knoxville, Lenoir City, & Fort Loudon Lake

The boat lift experts at Knoxville Barge will talk to you about the important stuff—how you like to spend your time on the water, your appetite for DIY maintenance, and most importantly, how you want a boat lift to work.

We build customized hydro boat lifts that are tailored to your boating preferences and designed to make boat lift ownership easier and safer. Hydraulic lifts are an important investment in upgrading your dock. We’ll work hard to create a hydro boat lift that enhances your overall boating experience.

Are you curious about installing an elevator boat lift, or hydro boat lift, in the Louisville, Fort Loudoun, or Knoxville area? Contact us today!

Why Call Knoxville Barge for Hydro Boat Lifts?

Knoxville Barge installs docks and various hydro boat lifts and elevator boat lifts that help our clients squeeze the most fun out of their waterfront properties. We help you find the best solution for you and your watercraft.

As a full-service marine builder in Knoxville, we offer hydro boat lift installation, boat lift replacement, and more dock construction and remodeling services. Starting with a free on-site consultation, you’ll be partnering with your own Knoxville Barge project manager and receiving world-class services from the local experts in boat lifts.

Free Estimate for Hydro Boat Lift Installation Services in Knoxville

Get a no-obligation estimate and more info from a free consultation to discuss hydro boat lifts or elevator boat lifts with the marine contractors at Knoxville Barge.

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