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boat lift installation in Tennessee

Custom Boat Lifts & Jet Ski Lifts in the Tennessee River Area

At Knoxville Barge, our professional boat lift installers can help you enjoy an easier time parking, launching, and storing your boat or PWC. We sell Davit Master lifts and custom boat lifts, or you can hire our team to install the boat lift of your choice.

At Knoxville Barge, our technicians perform boat lift installations and ski lift installations for our neighbors throughout Knoxville, Lenoir City, Fort Loudoun, and throughout the Tennessee River Area.

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Custom Boat & Jet Ski Installation Overview

For every boat or jet ski owner, there’s an ideal boat lift or jet ski lift out there! Your boat, dock, and water all determine which type of hoist you should use for convenience, safety, and lasting quality.

PWC and jet ski lift installation

Knoxville Barge can help you narrow down the options to find the perfect boat lift or design a custom boat lift or jet ski lift for your favorite lake toys.

We will help guide you through the following boat and jet ski lift considerations:

  • Your boat or PWC – the size, weight, and type of watercraft you’ll be using
  • Type of dock – fixed or floating
  • Shoreline or lake bottom – soft or solid ground
  • Water depth – typical water levels and minimum/maximum levels
  • Operating method – your preference of manual or electric power boat lifts

Are you looking for a custom boat or jet ski lift in Knoxville, Louisville, Fort Loudoun, or Tellico Lake? Contact our installers today at (865) 588-0537 or contact us online!

Custom Boat Lift Installation in Knoxville

Design & Build Your Custom Boat Lift or Jet Ski Lift

Knoxville Barge walks you through the process of customizing a boat lift so you can get the perfect fit, the best materials for your needs, and the upgrades you most desire.

We use Davit Master boat lifts and other high-quality parts to build professional-grade boat lifts for any type of boat and dock. Rocky shores, sandy lake bottoms, and other hazards are no match for the boat lift installers at Knoxville Barge. Our custom boat hoists will work smoothly and reliably for many years.

We design, customize, and install boat lifts for lake and riverfront homes in Knoxville, with options for every situation:

  • Floating boat lifts
  • Freestanding boat lifts
  • Cradle boat lifts
  • Elevator boat lifts
  • Jet Ski and PWC boat lifts
  • Boat ramp winches
  • Silhouette (beamless) boat lifts

About Our Boat Lift Installation & Jet Ski Lift Services

Serving the Knoxville, Louisville, Fort Loudon & Nearby Areas

We work hard to deliver exactly what our customer wants. Your Knoxville Barge partner will consult with you one-on-one to learn about your needs and preferences.

Then, our engineers and technicians get to work putting the plan into action flawlessly. From driving the piling to calibrating the cables, the Knoxville Barge team works carefully to make sure everything is sized and spaced correctly.

Our team is made up of in-house employees, not subcontractors or day laborers. Our experience with proper boat lift installation and jet ski installation services rewards you with better operation and longevity from your lift.

Free Consultations for Boat Lift Installation

Whether you already own a boat lift kit and need a professional installer, or you need help designing a custom boat lift solution, Knoxville Barge can help.

Get in touch with us today to schedule a free consultation and estimate for boat lift installation in Knoxville, Tellico Lake, Fort Loudoun Lake, or the entire Tennessee River Valley Area.


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