Commercial Dock Demolition

When the time comes to remove a commercial boat dock, you need more than a truck and some tools. Knoxville Barge has state-of-the-art barges and cranes for swift and safe dock demolition. Whether you’re replacing the dock or re-purposing the shoreline, we can take care of the entire commercial dock demolition process as well as any shoreline repair or new dock construction.

Knoxville Barge has nearly 40 years of experience as a marine contractor. Business owners and marina managers trust our team to take care of commercial dock demolition and replacement for a fast, efficient job handled responsibly.

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Reasons to Remove a Dock

Just as the housing market has “tear-down” listings, the waterfront has commercial docks in need of demolition. Not sure if you need to dismantle the dock and replace it? Some of the most significant dock problems include foundation problems, widespread piling damage, and other structural issues.

We can provide commercial dock repair and restoration, but you should consider dock demolition if your business isn’t using the dock for the purpose it was built for or if it’s damaged beyond affordable repair.

Commercial Dock Demolition by Knoxville Barge

Knoxville Barge has the tools and equipment necessary to dismantle and remove an entire commercial dock. After removing the deck and other parts above water, we’ll meticulously go about removing the pilings and supports. We can then excavate and dredge to return the riverbed or lakebed to its natural state, and even stabilize the shoreline or build a new seawall.

Our process includes hauling away the dock and debris on our barge so you won’t have to deal with the disposal process yourself. Knoxville Barge can also help with TVA permits if your commercial dock demolition needs approval for altering the shoreline in any way.

Knoxville’s Marine Contractors for Commercial Dock Demolition

We know dock construction forward and backward. As a custom dock builder and full-service marine contractor, Knoxville Barge excels at important projects like commercial dock demolition.

We promise:

  • Helpful advice and a friendly client relationship
  • All work performed by our labor force, not subcontractors
  • A safe, efficient, hassle-free process
  • Free estimates for commercial dock demolition in Knoxville

Contact Us for a Free Estimate

We’ll come out to your property to discuss commercial dock demolition or any repair or dock replacement services you may be interested in.

Contact us online or call 865-282-4788 to schedule a free on-site estimate with the commercial dock demolition and barge services for the Tennessee River, Fort Loudoun Lake, Tellico Lake, and other Knoxville waterfronts.


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