Commercial Dock Repair & Maintenance

Commercial docks see a lot of action all year long. Keep up with the demands by bringing in the marine experts at Knoxville Barge for commercial dock repair and maintenance. We not only repair dock frames, pilings, and decks, but we can also take care of dredging, erosion control, and more. Consider us your complete team for all commercial dock and marina repairs.

Knoxville Barge serves businesses and neighborhood associations in Fort Loudon Lake, Lenoir City, Tellico Lake, and all the waterfront areas along the Tennessee River. We perform commercial-grade dock repairs that keep your business running safe, strong, and up to code.

Call 865-282-4788 or contact us online to schedule a visit for commercial dock repair or maintenance services in Knoxville and get a FREE estimate.

Full-Service Commercial Dock Repair in Knoxville

Without professional dock repair, your business might wind up with bigger problems than it already has. The team at Knoxville Barge has decades of experience as a commercial dock builder, and we repair and service commercial docks of all kinds. From seasonal dock maintenance to sudden repairs after a collision or storm, we can inspect your dock, pier, or marina and determine exactly what it needs to be healthy and strong again.

Our commercial dock repair services include:

  • Dock foundation repair
  • Frame repair and replacement
  • Piling reinforcement
  • Decking replacement and refinishing
  • Dock roof repair, replacement, or addition
  • Rusted metal replacement
  • Rotted wood replacement
  • Replace screws, bolts, and other hardware
  • Shoreline steps repair
  • Erosion control and seawall maintenance

Commercial Dock Maintenance

A little proactive maintenance can extend the life of your dock and keep business running smoothly in the meantime. Get an expert set of eyes to look for warped lumber, hardware that needs lubrication or repair, or supports that might give out soon. Knoxville Barge can do all that, while also testing the integrity of your dock and stability of the shoreline.

Our clients enjoy a one-on-one relationship with their Knoxville Barge representative, so it’s like having a new member of your staff. We use our own trained, talented employees (not subcontractor) to handle all our jobs, so you get commercial dock maintenance by an experienced marine contractor every time.

Free Estimate for Commercial Dock Repair & Maintenance

We’ll be happy to visit your site in-person to discuss the dock services you need. Whether it’s a  concrete, steel, aluminum, or wood dock, we have the talent and tools to fix it.

Request a free estimate or call 865-282-4788 to speak with Knoxville Barge about commercial dock repairs or maintenance in the Tennessee River area.


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