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Dock Builders Along the Tennessee River, Fort Loudoun Lake, Tellico Lake & Watts Bar Lake

Your HOA probably has a number of bylaws for boats and docks. Many specify a no-wake zone or restrict the use of headlights, for instance. If you are building a dock, make sure that the plans will be approved by the HOA. You could face heavy fines or even be forced to remove the dock if it violates the guidelines. Knoxville Barge can help you every step of the way as your custom builder of HOA-approved docks in the Tennessee River area.

We’ve built docks on Fort Loudoun Lake, Tellico Lake, Watts Bar Lake, Lenoir City and many other waterfront neighborhoods around Knoxville. We can navigate the red tape, and come up with creative solutions to create your dream dock with a smooth building process.

Request an on-site consultation or give us a call to discuss HOA dock building in the Knoxville area.

Common HOA Rules for Boat Docks

Some folks find homeowners association rules to be restrictive, but for lakefront communities it’s very important that everyone respects the shared waters and each other’s property.

Examples of HOA dock rules might include:

  • How many docks your shoreline can have
  • Whether your dock can have a roof
  • How close the dock sits to your neighbor’s property line
  • How far the dock can extend from the shoreline
  • Approval for riparian zone alterations (rip rap, shoreline walls)
  • Dock materials (wood docks vs. aluminum docks) and colors

Custom Boat Dock Approved by Your HOA

Knoxville Barge works with our customers and their HOA committees to gain permits and create a plan for a boat dock that adheres to all regulations. We design and build custom docks from the ground up, giving you exactly what you want while easily adapting to the configuration and size that you need.

Be the envy of the neighborhood with a luxury dock by Knoxville Barge:

HOA Docks in Knoxville, Lenoir City, Fort Loudoun, and Tellico Lake

We know how to get HOA approval for docks, and we’ll work hard to win your approval! Knoxville Barge has been serving the Tennessee River Valley area for decades. Client satisfaction drives us. We love to create beautiful docks that make your boating and waterfront lifestyle even more enjoyable.

Our team will:

  • Meet with your for a free, in-home consultation
  • Give you a one-on-one project manager for dedicated service
  • Review HOA laws for boat docks and shoreline stabilization
  • Create a customized dock design
  • Obtain HOA approval and TVA permits as needed
  • Build your custom dock with our in-house marine construction experts

Servicing Knoxville Area Waterfront Communities & Homeowner Associations

Here at Knoxville Barge, we’ve built custom docks and PWC docks in many of Knoxville’s most sought-after waterfront communities, including:

  • Bayou Bend
  • Breakers at Riversound
  • CityView at Riverwalk
  • Conkinnon Pointe
  • Jackson Bend
  • Jefferson Park
  • Lakemoor Hills
  • Lakeshore Meadows
  • Lashbrooke
  • Logans Landing
  • Lowe’s Ferry
  • Mallard Bay
  • Mariners Pointe
  • Montgomery Cove
  • Northshore Cove
  • Point Harbour
  • Rivendell
  • River Club
  • Rivergate Estates
  • Riversound
  • Sequoyah Hills
  • Stoney Point Farm
  • Tennessee River
  • The Anchorage
  • The Summit at Choto
  • Tellico Lake
  • Westland Lakes
  • Windriver
  • And more

Schedule a Free Consultation for HOA Docks

A custom dock puts the finishing touches on your waterfront home. Knoxville Barge offers the expertise you need to make it happen.

Call us at 865-588-0537 or contact us online to request a free on-site estimate for HOA-approved dock construction in Knoxville.


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