Jet Ski Docks

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Jet Ski Dock Construction Along the Tennessee River

If you love to ride a PWC on the lakes and rivers around Knoxville, you definitely want to maximize your time on the water. With a specialized Jet Ski dock, you’re always ready to roll. Knoxville Barge installs drive-on docks to fit various sizes of Jet Skis, WaveRunners, Sea-Doos, and other types of PWCs.

Call us or contact us online to request a free quote for Jet Ski docks or PWC roller ramps. We can add these solutions to either fixed or floating docks, and we serve waterfront homes in Lenoir City, Tellico Lake, Fort Loudoun, and the greater Knoxville area.

Advantages of Jet Ski Docks vs. Lifts

At Knoxville Barge, we always want to make sure you get solutions that are best suited to your PWC, your dock and shoreline, and your boating habits. We install both PWC lifts and the drive-on style of Jet Ski docks, and we’re happy to help you choose between the two.

For many folks, Jet Ski ports are the more user-friendly option:

  • Simple and convenient to use
  • Very safe and sturdy when installed professionally
  • Designed to prevent scratching or other damage
  • Saves lots of time when parking
  • Can be added to virtually any dock, fixed or floating
  • Various sizes for single or multi-person PWCs

Professional Installation of Jet Ski Ports in Knoxville, Fort Loudoun & Tellico Lake

Jet Ski docks can be tricky to install in certain water conditions and types of shoreline. The marine engineers at Knoxville Barge know how to properly add a Jet Ski port to any existing dock.

Knoxville Barge has the skills and resources to create a simple, reliable, and long-lasting PWC dock that you can enjoy stress-free. In fact, we are a full-service custom dock builder that can create your dream dock from scratch.

Our team installs and services all kinds of PWC docking systems:

  • Jet Ski docks, ports, and other PWC docks
  • Bunk rollers
  • Drive-on PWC ramps
  • Sea-Doo docks
  • Floating dock systems
  • PWC ramp with a winch
  • And more solutions for PWC/Jet Ski docks, Sea-Doo docks, ramps, and lifts

Why Choose Knoxville Barge to Install Your Jet Ski Dock?

We believe that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to selecting and installing a Jet Ski dock. Your Knoxville Barge partner will learn your PWC specs and how you want the ramp to perform, as well as inspecting your dock and water to determine the best-fit solution.

We aim to deliver a solution that you love owning, with a fair price and great customer service along the way. You can expect helpful advice, quality work, and completely professional results that will last for years.

Free Estimates for Drive-On Jet Ski Docks

Find out how Knoxville Barge can make it even more fun to use your PWC.

Contact us online or give us a phone call to schedule a free consultation in Knoxville, Lenoir City, Fort Loudoun Lake, Tellico Lake, or anywhere in the greater Tennessee River area.


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