Dock Stairs, Bridges & Custom Walkways

Servicing Areas Throughout the Tennessee River Valley

Knoxville Barge completes the boating environment with dock access structures, including stairs, bridges, and custom walkways. We build with professional craftsmanship and quality materials and provide a one-on-one client experience to ensure you get the solution you need.

Whether you need dock stairs for a waterfront home or a pedestrian bridge at a local marina on the Tennessee River, trust Knoxville Barge to do the job right. We can create walkways and access platforms that are either fixed or floating, with wood or metal frames.

Call us today at 865-588-0537 or request a consultation online to discuss custom walkways, bridges, and dock stairs in the Knoxville, Tennessee, area.

Benefits of Adding Dock Stairs and Walkways

Depending on the nature of your shoreline, building a dock bridge or staircase can be a matter of necessity. Knoxville Barge creates custom dock walkways, bridges, and stairs to help you:

  • Avoid dangerously steep, rocky, or soft pathways
  • Make it easier to carry heavy items to and from the dock
  • Allow for multiple dock access points
  • Enable dock construction on a waterfront cliff
  • Create an ADA-compliant boat dock

For more information about custom dock construction and renovation services, call 865-588-0537 or contact us online today!

Our Custom Dock Access Solutions

Whether you want a picturesque wooden footbridge over the riverbed or a heavy-duty aluminum walkway to the dock, it needs to be built securely with the highest safety standards. Knoxville Barge builds residential and commercial dock access structures and pathways that you and your guests can count on for safe footing for many years to come.

Popular options for boat docks in Knoxville, Lenoir City, Tellico Lake, and the surrounding area include:

  • Steel frame dock stairs
  • Shoreline steps
  • Fixed pile dock bridges
  • Floating dock access platforms
  • Floating dock ramps
  • Custom wooden walkways

Why Call Knoxville Barge for Custom Dock Stairs and Bridges?

Since 1980, folks around the Tennessee River and local lakefront properties have enjoyed fine service and craftsmanship from Knoxville Barge. We are the premier custom dock builder in Knoxville with a team of marine construction experts that build stylish and well-crafted structures.

We take safety seriously. Your custom walkway, shoreline stairs, or dock bridge is built to hold more than adequate weight and withstand inclement weather.

The team at Knoxville Barge also excel at building luxurious docks and access structures with custom design and carpentry. Our team can build a new custom dock with all the features you want or add the access stairs and walkways you need while mimicking the look and feel of your existing dock.

Request a Free Consultation

Knoxville Barge always provides free estimates on our projects because we stand behind the quality of our work. We assign a personal project manager to help you at every step, and all work is performed in-house.

To schedule your free, on-site consultation, call 865-588-0537 or contact us online and ask about dock stairs, bridges, and custom walkways in the Knoxville area.


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