Dock Winterization

Dock De-Icing & Bubbler Installation

You never know what kind of winter to expect in Tennessee. Boat owners know to winterize their boats when out of use, but not everybody takes enough precaution with docks. Bring in the dock experts at Knoxville Barge to inspect and winterize your dock this year to avoid a rude awakening in spring.

As custom dock builders and repair specialists, we know the forces that a dock has to contend with throughout the year. We can spot issues that could lead to damage this winter, and take care of all the physically difficult tasks of dock winterization.

Call us at 865-588-0537 or send us a message online to request dock winterization in Knoxville, Lenoir City, Fort Loudoun Lake, or anywhere in the Tennessee River area.

Do You Need to Winterize a Dock?

Although our lakes and rivers don’t turn into hockey rinks in the winter, it’s important to prepare a dock for cold weather and precipitation. Months of inactivity, regardless of weather, can spell trouble for a dock.

Without preventive maintenance, parts that are worn out or broken already will get worse if left to rot. Shallow waters can freeze over more quickly, potentially endangering a fixed dock. Water on cables and metal components can cause freezing and rust damage.

Dock winterization for Tennessee lakes and riverfront homes can help prevent damage to dock pilings, boat lifts, and more. We can also winterize a floating dock and tighten its connections or remove it for storage.

Dock Winterization Services In Knoxville, Fort Loudoun, Tellico Lake & Beyond

At Knoxville Barge, we provide tailored service for our clients. We know how much you love your boat and dock, and we’ll help you come up with the best plan to prepare for winter. Whether it’s a simple inspection or a complete dock removal for winter, our crew can put you in the best position for smooth sailing next spring.

Our dock winterizations steps may include:

  • Inspect for necessary dock repairs
  • Replace small parts, lubricate bearings and cables
  • Store any removable parts like ladders
  • Install a dock de-icer, ice eater, or bubbler
  • Drain and disconnect water lines and air hoses
  • Secure boat lift or PWC lift for winter
  • And more dock winterization depending on your particular needs!

Winterize a Dock with Knoxville’s Trusted Marine Experts

If you’ve never worked with us before, you’ll be delighted by our high-quality dock services. Our clients enjoy a one-on-one relationship with their Knoxville Barge partner, and all our work is performed by full-time professional marine contractors.

We love boating and waterfront living as much as you do. When you call us for dock winterization, you’ll get attentive service by experienced dock maintenance experts in Knoxville.

Request a Free Estimate for Dock Winterization

Tell us about your dock, and we can provide a free, no-obligation quote for dock winterization services in the Tennessee River area. Call Knoxville Barge at 865-588-0537 or contact us online to get started.


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