Pontoon Dock Conversion

Interested in the flexibility of a floating dock? If you can get your hands on a pontoon boat, you have a great foundation to build on. Work with the Knoxville Barge team to convert a pontoon boat into a floating dock with high-quality craftsmanship and custom details. We offer pontoon dock conversion for homes and businesses on the Tennessee River and throughout the Knoxville waterfront.

To get started, call us at 865-588-0537 or contact us online to request info or schedule an appointment to discuss pontoon dock conversion in Knoxville.

Advantages of a Floating Pontoon Dock

Pontoon docks are a no-brainer if fixed docks will not work on your shoreline. Or you might have a fixed dock but want an easy solution for expanding your dock. Convert a pontoon into a floating dock, and you have a modular system that can be picked up and stored anytime.

  • Easy to install on any shoreline
  • Easy way to add space to an existing dock
  • Customizable with aluminum, steel, or wood finishes
  • Add features such as swim ladders and guard rails
  • Great for variable water levels
  • Protect equipment and belongings from getting submerged in high water
  • Pontoon docks are more easily portable than other floating docks

Custom Pontoon Dock Conversion in Knoxville & Along The Tennessee River

As a full-service marine construction team, Knoxville Barge can create your pontoon dock with as many custom features as you want. You choose the materials, finishes, and features. Our team puts it together with expertise. The result is a custom pontoon dock for your Knoxville property that looks and feels luxurious.

Options for pontoon dock conversion include:

  • Basic pontoon boat dock conversion
  • Custom pontoon docks
  • Aluminum floating docks
  • Steel floating docks
  • Wood floating docks
  • Covered pontoon docks
  • And more custom options

Knoxville Barge Custom Dock Building & Pontoon Dock Conversion

Get the best finished product when you work with our custom dock builders to transform your pontoon dock. We work with top-quality materials and use an in-house team of experienced crews. All work performed by Knoxville Barge is done by trained professionals.

We’ve been building docks in the Tennessee River area since 1980, so we know the shorelines extremely well. At your free, on-site consultation, your Knoxville Barge representative will discuss all the pertinent details including your shore, your boat, and how you want to use the pontoon dock.

We make it easy to get professional quality custom docks in Knoxville. A pontoon boat dock conversion offers a great way to get more out of your waterfront home, and Knoxville Barge can make sure that it’s beautifully constructed and built to last.

Request a Free Estimate for Pontoon Dock Conversion

Get in touch with us to find out more about how our custom dock builders can get you an amazing floating dock.

Call us or request an estimate online to ask about pontoon dock conversion and custom floating docks in Knoxville, Fort Loudoun Lake, Lenoir City, Tellico Lake and their surrounding Tennessee River area.


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