Dredging & Erosion Control in Tellico Lake, Fort Loudoun Lake & Watts Bar Lake

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Every shoreline faces constant pressures from both natural and man-made sources. The shoreline that you’re currently working with may not be ideal for boating or dock construction. You may even need dredging to protect fish, wildlife, and water quality. At Knoxville Barge, we offer a full range of dredging, erosion control, and shoreline stabilization services for properties on the Tennessee River as well as Tellico Lake, Fort Loudoun Lake, Lenoir City, and other Knoxville waterfront areas.

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Benefits of River & Lake Dredging in Lenoir City

Dredging creates a safer, cleaner, and more sustainable shoreline that is easier to use for boating and dock construction. Just like canals get dredged for commercial boats to pass through, your waterfront property may need dredging to create a deep enough water for your boat to dock.

If you have a shallow, silty, muddy, or eroding shoreline, talk to the experts at Knoxville Barge about your dredging options. Our dredging and shoreline stabilization services in Lenoir City provide many benefits, such as:

  • Shoreline erosion prevention
  • Safer water levels for boat access
  • Improved water quality
  • Removal of silt and sediments
  • Better shorelines for dock construction

To learn more about our dredging and erosion control services in Lenoir City and beyond, give us a call at (865) 588-0537 or schedule your free consultation online.

Mechanical & Hydraulic Dredging on the Tennessee River

At Knoxville Barge, we can provide both mechanical dredging and hydraulic dredging, which are the two most popular types of dredging.

  • Mechanical dredging uses machinery to excavate the loose silt and sediment. Mechanical dredges are possible for a wide variety of locations and for both soft and rocky shorelines.
  • Hydraulic dredging uses a vacuum-like system to remove sediment. Hydraulic dredging can be less expensive and faster, but it may be prohibited or not feasible in certain locations.

Not sure which type you need? Call (865) 588-0537 for a free, on-site consultation to discuss our dredging services along the Tennessee River.

Dredging & Shoreline Erosion Control in Knoxville, TN

At Knoxville Barge, we have a full team of marine contractors with years of experience at dredging and erosion control. Once your shoreline has been dredged, we can secure the soil with stabilization methods, such as:

The right erosion control method depends on your property and the appearance that you want. Knoxville Barge examines your soil type and discusses which methods will best protect against erosion, and creates a plan with you to begin your project. We’ve dredged and stabilized shores across the Tennessee River and throughout Knoxville’s many lakefront communities, so we bring a wealth of local knowledge to the project.

Request a Free Dredging & Erosion Control Consultation

Dredging and erosion control can be a confusing task to navigate, so let the professionals at Knoxville Barge assist you in starting your project off on the right foot. We offer a variety of dredging, shoreline, and stabilization methods along the Tennessee River, Watts Bar Lake, Tellico Lake, and Fort Loudoun Lake.

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has oversight of dredging, excavation, and shoreline stabilization projects in the Knoxville area. Your local HOA or POA likely has certain rules and regulations, too. Knoxville Barge can help you obtain permits and approval before we begin work to help avoid headaches.

Call or contact us online or give us a call at (865) 588-0537 to request a free estimate for dredging, riprap installation, retaining wall construction, or other erosion control services in Knoxville, TN.


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