Hydraulic Dredging at Knoxville Barge

Currents and the weather can change the face and foundation of your waterfront property. If your shoreline is silty, muddy, eroding, or too shallow to dock a boat, dredging the area may help. You can rely on Knoxville Barge’s nearly 40 years of local experience to solve the problem.

Dredging has numerous benefits, including:

  • Erosion prevention
  • Safer water level for boat access
  • Better water quality

As a full-service marine construction business for residences and commercial properties, we offer everything you need to preserve, restore or improve your waterfront real estate to its optimum condition in both appearance and as a healthy environment.

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Hydraulic Dredging Explained

Hydraulic dredging is a favorite technique on waterfront projects because of its excellent results as well as the savings we can offer our clients.

The process is a sediment removal technique that operates from a barge and vacuums sediment or “surry” from the bottom into a container that will relocate the debris. It is “less expensive, faster, and safer than mechanical dredging,” according to a journal article from the University of Kentucky Office of Engineering Services as quoted on the IMS Dredge website.

We’re happy to offer this cost-saving option to our clients when it is feasible for the project.

Why Knoxville Barge Is Your Best Choice

Knoxville Barge, a subsidiary of Brownlee Construction, is a family-owned company that has served Fort Loudoun Lake, Tellico Lake, and the Tennessee River Valley for nearly four decades. We work in many areas along the Tennessee River, both mentioned lakes, Lenoir City, and numerous waterside communities and subdivisions.

It is our mission to solve your challenging marine projects with our knowledge and experience. Providing excellent service is so important to us that we do all our own work, never relying on day laborers or subcontractors whose work may or may not meet our exacting standards.

Since we’ve built a decades-old business in Knoxville, we know all the “ropes and hoops” to navigate for a successful project:

  • Permits — If your project requires permits, we know which ones and where to get them.
  • TVA Act — We understand the regulations of the TVA Act so we design and build everything in compliance.
  • Suppliers — We’ve learned which companies provide quality supplies and which ones to avoid.

You can rely on our knowledge of local waterways and decades of experience to provide a hassle-free project.

Schedule Hydraulic Dredging in

One of our clients’ favorite policies is our “one representative per project.” That means each customer works with just one Knoxville Barge representative throughout every phase of a project. You and our representative have the opportunity to develop trust and a close-knit relationship. If you have questions, you know exactly whom to call.

Whether you are a new owner of waterfront property with questions or a longtime shore lover facing a project, contact us today for all of your marine services!


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