Rip Rap Construction

Rip rap construction and installation

Rip Rap Construction & Installation Along the Tennessee River

When it comes to erosion control, simple solutions are often the best. Rip rap layers made from rock, stone, or rubble create a barrier that maintains your shoreline with a very natural look. At Knoxville Barge, we recommend rip rap as a shoreline stabilization system for waterfront properties in the Tennessee River area. Our rip rap construction team can build a beautiful and functional seawall for your home or business in Lenoir City, Fort Loudon Lake, Tellico Lake, or other Knoxville communities.

For a free on-site consultation to discuss rip rap installation, call us at 865-588-0537 or request a rip rap estimate online.

Rip Rap Construction in the Knoxville Area

We consult closely with each of our clients to come up with a personalized rip rap design and plan. Knoxville Barge has an in-house team of experts in masonry and marine construction. We understand shoreline soil and vegetation of the Tennessee River and the local lakes and reservoirs.

Professional rip rap construction starts with a site survey and client consultation before we begin with these important steps:

  • Design and build — We tailor the materials and methods to your shoreline for better erosion prevention and longevity.
  • Permits and regulations — We help you obtain approval for permits and ensure that the rip rap adheres to TVA Act and local regulations.
  • Rip rap rock selection — You can choose from many sizes, shapes, and colors of rip rap material to best suit your property.
  • Erosion control geotextile — This advanced textile layer holds soil in place and improves the performance and lifespan of the rip rap.
  • Professional rip rap construction — We use our own licensed pros, not day labor or subcontractors. The material gets sorted for quality and size, and we hand-place each stone with expert care.

Rip Rap vs. Retaining Walls or Other Methods

On the Knoxville waterfronts, many of our clients choose rip rap for shoreline stabilization due to both its reasonable cost and natural attractiveness. Professional rip rap installation by the contractors at Knoxville Barge ensures far better results than if you hired landscapers or did it yourself.

Rip rap construction may not be quite as long-lasting as retaining walls made of wood, brick, or stone. However, our rip rap walls prevent soil erosion for many, many years. Rip rap also provides a more natural flow of water and is generally considered a more natural barrier for organisms and wildlife.

Rip Rap Installation Services in Knoxville

Start with a free on-site consultation to find out more about shoreline stabilization techniques that work best for your soil and your shoreline. A dedicated partner from Knoxville Barge will be available to work with you throughout the project to make sure you get the erosion control and aesthetics that you want.

Call us or request a free estimate for rip rap construction by the shoreline stabilization experts at Knoxville Barge.


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